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Working with SBG definitely makes my life easier in trying to manage our employee benefits!

Leslie T.

The main reason Big Bend Cares enjoys working with SBG is their responsiveness. Whether it’s requesting quotes, looking at various options or just assisting employees with benefit utilization, we depend on SBG to always be there with assistance. Their willingness to assist anyone who calls allows me to stretch valuable internal personnel resources.

Rob Renzi, Executive Director, Big Bend Cares

It was really important to me to know that we were working with local businesses who really cared about the organization when we looked at who should represent us for our employee benefits. It was clear that Strategic Benefits Group would be the best choice...their attention to detail has saved our non-profit organization a lot in extra costs.

Kevin Priest, CEO, Capital City Youth Services

In early 2010, Weems Memorial Hospital (WMH) became affiliated with Strategic Benefits Group (SBG) while the Hospital was in search of renegotiating major medical health insurance for our eligible employees. As the Human Resources Director, it is my task to look into affordable benefits, helping to ensure retention of staff, while being as financially prudent as possible to the organization and staff.

SBG has assisted every single year in providing our organization the very best quotes on insurances, which include: major medical, dental, vision, term life and long-term disability. For the last four years, every single year, Scott and his team have looked into at least three different carriers for major medical so that we could compare 'apples to apples', thus allowing WMH to make financially sound decisions.

Prior to our relationship with SBG, WMH was only able to afford a portion of our eligible staff's major medical health insurance. However, as of our most recent enrollment we now cover 100% of the eligible staff's, employee only, major medical health insurance, dental, vision, and a basic term life policy. This has happened not because of increases in revenue for the WMH organization, but because SBG has diligently and earnestly worked with us to 'shop' carriers and provide us with great options.

I couldn't be more pleased with Scott Fenstermaker and his team's professionalism and commitment to our organization. This commitment is also evident in their relationships within our community."

Ginny Griner, HR Director/Medical Staff Credentialing Coordinator, Weems Memorial Hospital

With the ownership of a Ford franchise and being a hands-on owner, I am limited to time spent shopping, comparing and pricing my employee benefits needs. Scott has made my decision to utilize the services of Strategic Benefits over all others very easy. Their amazing customer service and honest approach to new products offered, plus great out-of-the-box thinking for my future has made working with SBG an easy choice. With today’s medical options, there is not a huge difference in pricing. The real decision is in getting the best service and that's what I receive from Scott Fenstermaker and the Strategic Benefits team."
Brett Falicon, Owner, Timberland Ford